Meet Our Dentists In Aldan

Dr. Robert Bohnenberger

Practicing as a general dentist since 1998, Dr. Bohnenberger enjoys providing a wide range of treatments. He encourages active discussion to understand your unique needs and present the most suitable options to meet them. And while he does all of this, he says he will keep you “relaxed and happy!”

Dr. Hamed Salhab

As a dentist in Aldan, Dr. Salhab works hard to ensure his patients get the very best care possible. He is genuinely committed to helping you smile with confidence.

Dr. Neil I. Pakett

For more than 40 years, Dr. Pakett has spent many hours enhancing his skills at restoring teeth with dentures and dental implant restoration. “I believe that a successful dental restoration involves more than just sending an impression and prescription to the lab,” he says. Dr. Pakett will work with you to personally select each tooth so you can wear your dentures with pride, while also enjoying full function, esthetics, and self-confidence.