Friendly Teeth Cleaning Services Near Lansdowne, PA

Dental cleaning is a process that involves removing plaque, a sticky and bacteria-infested film, and tartar deposits that form and grow on your teeth over time. The saliva that your mouth and glands produce contain calcium and other minerals that can strengthen teeth, but over time, these deposits build up and can even turn teeth brown or black.

If it’s allowed to accumulate on the tooth, this tartar provides the ideal conditions for bacteria to live next to the gums, which can be damaging to the structure and function of your teeth. The purpose of teeth cleaning and polishing is essentially to leave the tooth surfaces clean and smooth, so bacteria is unable to stick to them.

Our team at Family Dental Care Center wants you to be confident with your smile, which is why we provide expert teeth cleanings and cosmetic dentistry for patients in the Drexel Hill, Lansdowne, and Aldan areas.

Regularly scheduled dental cleanings also leave teeth feeling smooth and looking their best. Also known as prophylaxis, or Greek for “to prevent beforehand,” this process helps prevent gum disease and create lasting oral health. It is commonly paired with a teeth whitening procedure for best results.

The Tools of the Tradeteeth cleaning drexel hill

A dentist or dental hygienist will utilize highly-specialized instruments without damaging or harming the teeth. For instance, an ultrasonic instrument may be used to create vibrations which can knock larger pieces of tartar form the tooth. Also, a cooling mist of water is sprayed to continually wash away debris.

The ultrasonic dental instrument has curved and rounded tips to effectively remove tartar chunks. Larger deposits can occasionally take some time to remove due to their pervasiveness, but continuing to get regularly-scheduled cleaning will reduce this over time.

Once the larger pieces of tartar are gone, your oral care specialist will switch to hand tools to remove the smaller deposits of plaque and tartar and smooth the tooth surface. These tools are curved to match the shape of your teeth, and they allow smaller deposits to be taken off by carefully applying gentle pressure to those areas.

The Finishing Touches

Once all the surfaces of your teeth are smooth and clean, a dentist may polish your teeth. This is accomplished by using a slow speed tool that has a soft rubber spinning tip. A paste will be applied to your teeth, then spun around them to make them smooth and shiny.

Your hygienist or dentist may also apply fluoride at this time. This final part of the cleaning process involves the fluoride foam or gel being placed into flexible trays, then put over the teeth. Fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth and keep them healthy.

Does Dental Cleaning Hurt?

For most people, cleanings are a painless procedure. Although it does involve some sensations like a mist of cooling water, tickling vibrations, and mild pressure, most patients report no discomfort during routine teeth cleaning. In fact, many people relate that they thoroughly enjoy cleanings and look forward to the improved and renewed brightness and dazzle that they impart to their smile.

At Family Dental Care Center, we’re committed to restoring the luster and glow of your smile through exceptional care and dedicated staff members. To make an appointment for teeth cleaning, or our emergency dental services in the areas of Aldan, Lansdowne, and Drexel Hill, you can call us at 484-791-2138.