Cosmetic Dentistry

For killer smiles and excellent oral health, patients seek dental care that will deliver on these results. At Family Dental Care Center, we strive to provide the highest quality dental cosmetic services to those in Drexel Hill, Lansdowne, Aldan and surrounding communities. Using the latest technology and advanced procedures, our knowledgeable and experienced staff of professionals can perform a wide variety of procedures that meet the needs of each patient. Whether you need a routine checkup, or you’re seeking a cosmetic dental procedure, we are able to assist you.

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry below and the type of procedures we offer.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental procedure performed in order to restore or improve the appearance of the teeth and/or gums. Our staff offers a variety of procedures that provide aesthetically pleasing results. Some of these procedures include the following:

Teeth Whitening

This is a very popular procedure. Who doesn’t want pearly white teeth? Teeth whitening is exactly what it sounds like. Over the years, your teeth accumulate stains and discoloration from food, smoking, and other habits. This can make for a dull appearance and a lackluster smile. Once the dentists have removed plaque, tartar and other buildup on the teeth, the dentist will then go in and whiten the teeth, restoring it back to its natural shade.

Dental Implants

These are ideal for those who want to replace their missing or decaying teeth. The procedure consists of surgically positioning metal post or frames into the jawbone, beneath the gums. Replacement teeth can then be mounted on top of the frame. Dental implant surgery is a great alternative to many who don’t feel secure with other devices such as dentures and bridges. They also offer natural-looking results and better functionality during eating and speaking. In order to receive this procedure, one must have excellent oral health and practice diligent oral care after the surgery.

Dental Veneers

Designed and customized to fit every patients’ teeth, dental veneers offer individual results that are exceptionally realistic and dramatically improve the look of one’s teeth. They are made from medical grade ceramic, which is applied to the front of each tooth, using dental adhesive.

Receive other dental cosmetic procedures such as full or partial dentures, and your smile will be improved aesthetically.

Receive Cosmetic Dentistry Today

Improve your teeth’s appearance, their functionality, and your comfortability now by receiving cosmetic dentistry from Family Dental Care Center. Here, we provide all of the services mentioned above as well as additional procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and they care about every patient who walks through our doors. Contact us today with any questions that you may have or to schedule an appointment. We also provide emergency dental care to those in Drexel Hill, Lansdowne, Aldan and the surrounding communities.