At Family Dental Care Center, we understand that there may be a period of adjustment when first getting accustomed to your new dentures. Wearing, talking, and eating with dentures can present a few difficulties. However, with some practice and perseverance you’ll soon make the smooth transition to wearing them, and before you know it, they’ll become second nature to you.

Here’s what you can do to make the most of your brand new denture experience:

Speech! Speech!

Adjusting to the difficulty of speaking with dentures can occasionally take some time. While it may be awkward for a few weeks, reading out loud to yourself or a loved one is an excellent way for you to practice and grow accustomed to speaking with your new dentures.

Hydrate Early And Often

It’s common for denture wearers to experience a dry mouth, which can make the gums feel irritated and also cause bacterial growth and possible decay. Drinking the appropriate amount of water every day is ideal to keep your mouth healthy and your dentures free from plaque buildup.

Avoid Hard Foods And Maintain A Healthy Diet

Choose foods that are easy to swallow while you’re adjusting to your new dentures. Go for foods with high nutritional value to ensure you’re getting the proper nutrients and vitamins, which can help speed recovery. Foods like eggs, yogurt, fish, and avocado are perfect candidates. Avoiding hard and chewy foods can help prevent pain and discomfort in your gums and mouth.

Prevent Plaque And Bacteria

Even though your dentures aren’t your original teeth doesn’t mean you should stop brushing them. Regularly rinsing and brushing your dentures, along with your gums, cheeks, and tongue, is an ideal way to prevent plaque and bacteria which can cause bad breath and decay.

Give Them A Nice Soak

Just like a nice warm bath, soaking your dentures can help to remove dirt and debris while keeping them looking clean. Consider a non-abrasive denture cleanser to help with the removal of bacteria and plaque to keep your dentures looking healthy and clean.

Family Dental Care Center is dedicated to helping our patients experience a better quality of life through the use of cosmetic dentures. Following these tips can help you make a smooth and virtually painless transition to your new and improved smile.   

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