Since childhood, most of us have been taught about the vital importance of maintaining healthy teeth, and how going into the dentist twice a year for a check-up is a necessary piece in the dental puzzle.

In spite of everything we were told, though, not a few of us are guilty of not following the once-every-6-months prescription to a tee. Many times, we will reason that we already have perfectly well-functioning teeth anyway, so why is there such an urgency in going in for a cleaning? Aren’t our teeth seemingly just fine the way they are?

However, the truth of the matter is that getting routine dental cleanings is about more than making sure you don’t cavities or other previously existing problems. Even more often, going in for a routine check-up is about preventative care, and warding off oral health problems that could be waiting for you in the future is just as important as handling current problems you have already. Occasionally, dental specialists can even uncover signs and signals for potentially life-threatening illnesses and maladies by symptoms produced in a patient’s oral health.

Here, we at Family Dental Care Center have listed a few reasons why you need to be getting your teeth cleaned at least twice a year.

1. Gum Disease
The presence of gum disease is not always so obvious; plus, it can do damage to a lot more than just your mouth. Gum disease can actually wreak havoc on your heart and contribute to cardiovascular disease. As bacteria and germs accumulate in your gums, they can eventually enter your bloodstream through the veins in your gums and mouth. From that point, the bacteria can lodge in your blood vessels and heart, ultimately creating blockages that lead to a host of other maladies.

2. Periodontal Disease
Even though brushing and flossing definitely help, a routine professional cleaning is still necessary to get rid of any plaque buildup. As plaque and calculus accumulate over time, they can slowly become embedded within the gums. This embedded plaque is nearly impossible to clean out by oneself, and as time goes on, periodontal disease can develop that will soon damage and wear away the teeth.

3. Tooth Decay
Warding away tooth decay is possibly the most common motivation for booking a dental check-up. It is essential that one be examined for small, difficult-to-see cavities. If they are not before it’s too late, these tiny cavities can soon turn into large ones, making a big difference for the worse. Often in contrast to small cavities, larger cavities can cause severe pain and may be cause for pulling a tooth completely.

4. Signs of More Severe Illnesses
While it might sound strange, there are many diseases and conditions without connection to one’s oral health that can still create symptoms that appear in your mouth; a routine dental visit can literally be a lifesaver if such symptoms are caught by the dentist.

For instance, bodily tumors often produce unusual oral symptoms. If one has halitosis despite otherwise good oral hygiene, it could be a sign of liver or stomach dysfunction. Diabetics often experience swollen or bleeding gums. Chronic outbreaks of canker sores can sometimes be an indicator of a mineral deficiency caused by gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

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